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Advantages of RFID Application in Clothing Management

Because clothing products are a kind of fashion products, they are easily affected by many factors such as seasons, regions, consumer preferences, fashion trends, and have short periodicity. Therefore, speed is a major problem in the clothing supply chain. How to improve efficiency in all aspects of the apparel industry? This is a problem that people in the apparel industry are thinking about and solving all the time.

Based on this, it is self-evident that RFID technology can be quickly adopted by many well-known brands with a very competitive advantage after being introduced in the apparel industry.

Ⅰ. Application of RFID system in clothing management

1. Application of RFID system in clothing production, warehousing and logistics: RFID clothing production management, warehousing management, logistics supply chain management.

2. The application of RFID system in clothing retail stores: RFID smart POS system; RFID product quick finding system-inventory and finding goods through a handheld reader; store anti-theft; smart promotion terminal/smart fitting room.

3. Clothing anti-counterfeiting function

In the production process of clothing, some important attributes of a single piece of clothing, such as name, grade, article number, model, fabric, washing method, implementation standard, product number, inspector number, etc., are written into the corresponding RFID apparel tags, and attach the tag to the clothing. The method of attaching the label can be: implanting in the garment, making it into a nameplate or tag, or adopting a recyclable anti-theft hard label, etc. Each piece of clothing is given a unique label that is difficult to forge, which can effectively avoid counterfeiting, and it can also be used for RFID clothing tracking.

Ⅱ. Advantages of using RFID apparel tags

1. Adopt advanced RFID apparel tags, with a globally unique coded identification. The RFID tags of clothing support long-distance identification and batch reading, and are highly adaptable to the environment;

2. Realize the automated management of the production line;

3. Realize warehousing digital management and rapid response logistics;

4. Realize the effective safety management of the clothing order fair;

5. Intelligent management of clothing stores;

6. Realize the anti-counterfeiting and anti-fleeing management of clothing.

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