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Advantages of RFID Based Library Automation System

Ⅰ. About RFID based library automation system

The library automation system based on RFID can install an electronic label for each book file. Through the tiny chip and antenna of the electronic tag, it is convenient to track and record every place the book file passes through during the flow. Books and files will be recorded when they pass through different offices or checkpoints, and they can be clearly seen on any internal network computer. The user can easily know the current location and storage location of the book file, and confirm the removal or deposit status of the book file. This tracking system is very convenient to use, and it is easy to integrate with the existing library and file management system.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of RFID based library automation system?

1. Complete non-contact system, the most economical solution: embedding the non-contact chip into the low-cost medium can meet the needs of the solution to the greatest extent. The application of RFID based library automation system can greatly reduce equipment investment and maintenance costs, as well as the cost of hardware wear and tear.

2. Fast scanning and barrier-free reading: When scanning the RFID label, there is no need to align the reader with a straight line, and the reading and writing speed is fast. At the same time, RFID uses radio waves to transmit information, and there is no transmission barrier problem.

3. High security and flexibility: The inside of the RFID tag can be divided into separate application areas to store different application data. Each electronic label has a globally unique serial number, which is written during the production process and cannot be changed.

4. Simple to implement and easy to use: system installation and commissioning are very simple, and later use and operation and maintenance are also very convenient. The speed of searching and identifying books and files is very fast, and it is anti-theft and anti-loss, and can provide reliable performance and high security.

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