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Advantages of RFID Fixed Asset Management System

The modern management of fixed assets can not only meet the needs of market-oriented development , but also break through the limitations of the inherent system and achieve the improvement of the overall efficiency of the unit. The RFID asset management system has become a necessary means of enterprise and modern management, and has solved a series of problems such as cumbersomeness and asset loss brought about by the traditional fixed asset management mode.

RFID asset management system has the following advantages :

1. Powerful functions, complete daily management functions, support additions, deletions, revisions, checking, requisitioning, borrowing, returning, transferring, transferring, reporting for repairs, scrapping, etc. The RFID asset management system realizes full life cycle management and provides data basis for the optimal utilization of assets and the maximum economic benefits.

2. A variety of inventory methods, manual batch inventory, or remote automatic inventory with one key, real-time viewing of asset inventory profit and loss. Using RFID technology, 100 pieces are counted in seconds to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of inventory.

3. Implement digitalized and refined management of fixed assets, and real-time monitoring of one item and one code. It has the functions of illegal entry and exit alarm, asset tag demolition alarm, and low battery warning. Realize asset location monitoring to avoid asset theft or information leakage.

4. Information management, providing a variety of data reports to make multi-angle analysis of asset usage, circulation, demand statistics, etc., to support the scientific and digital management of unit assets.

5. Workflow design concept, based on real-time record of asset flow direction, carry out daily management business in the way of daily work order flow record, and real-time feedback of execution situation.

6. The details of the process are humanized, simplify the complexity, and reduce the difficulty of operating users. Information flow, status flow, and approval flow are all in one, clearly showing the real-time status of each asset, reducing the waste of funds caused by idle assets.

7. The RFID asset management system adopts B/S structure, which can easily realize various management of assets and realize centralized data management without installing programs. It has strong adaptability and can meet the needs of multi-level and multi-sectoral government agencies, group enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises.

8. Security encryption, technical encryption of user information to ensure the security of users at all levels accessing the system, and a data backup mechanism is established to prevent data loss caused by system failure, resulting in immeasurable losses.

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