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Advantages of RFID Technology in Libraries

1. The application of RFID technology in library

At present, there are many libraries, due to the large variety of books, the huge quantity, and the high frequency of borrowing, in urgent need for a complete set of intelligent system management solutions. The application of RFID technology in library has helped many libraries successfully change from purely manual management to the use of electronic labels, readers, software, systems and other Internet intelligent management, so that the management and services of books, such as self-help borrowing and returning, inventory, search and sorting, have been improved a lot. The application of RFID technology in library ranges from traditional and simple manual borrowing and returning to the realization of intelligent services, and its technological development is very rapid with obvious advantages, especially compared with traditional bar code and magnetic stripe technology.

2. The advantages of RFID technology in library

The application of RFID technology in library effectively simplifies the borrowing procedure between readers and librarians and the corresponding work of librarians in the library, and realizes intelligent links, which improves readers' borrowing experience and reduces the workload of librarians. The RFID technology in library can be used in many aeas, such as typing the information of new books into RFID labels and attaching labels to each book, in which case, information like the storage location of the book will be transmitted to the computer data management library, and its location and the status of borrowing and returning can be easily known. In terms of shelf management, after the books are attached with RFID electrical labels, the librarian can use the handheld device when shelving and organizinng books, which can greatly reduce the workload and improve work efficiency.

In the smart management of books, RFID technology shows its fast, efficient, and low-cost characteristics, and occupies an unshakable position on the market. In the future, not only RFID technology in library, but also IoT solutions based on RFID will be increasingly applied to people's daily lives, making time more efficient from then on.

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