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All-around RFID Asset Management

1. Comprehensiveness of RFID asset management

Based on RFID technology, companies can carry out full life cycle management of assets, and track the entire process of asset purchase, acceptance, warehousing, requisition, change, and scrap. The entire management process does not require manual operation.

In the process of using RFID asset management, it is also possible to extend the management of fixed assets to various areas of the enterprise based on the entire asset network, so that the scattered assets of the enterprise can be unified and centralized on the asset management platform. This can ensure that the financial department, asset management department, and asset use department of the enterprise can be more accurate in the process of checking accounts, and strengthen the management of fixed assets by the asset use department.

2. Real-time RFID asset management

RFID technology can carry out real-time dynamic management of assets, including related processes such as the allocation and allocation, maintenance, use, and scrapping of fixed assets. The application of RFID technology in fixed asset management fully realizes the asset life cycle, and rationally allocates the idle assets of the enterprise. This effectively improves the utilization rate of the company's fixed assets, and avoids the waste of equipment that is not recorded on the data platform. RFID technology can dynamically monitor the use of fixed assets in real time, track RFID assets quickly and easily, and understand the use of assets, which greatly relieves the pressure of daily management of fixed assets. And the RFID technology in supply chain is also popular.

3. High efficiency of RFID asset management

RFID technology has greatly improved the efficiency of corporate fixed assets inventory. In the process of asset inventory, RFID handheld identification radio frequency devices are used to perform unified information inspection on RFID electronic tags. In this way, the relevant information of fixed assets can be obtained quickly, effectively and accurately, thereby improving the work efficiency of fixed assets accounting and counting, and completing the accounting verification of fixed assets in a short time.

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