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Analysis of Handheld RFID Tag Reader

1. What is a handheld RFID tag reader

Handheld RFID tag readers can identify and record information such as the quantity and location of items through radio frequency identification. Handheld RFID tag reader with industrial-grade design, large battery capacity, long battery life, simplified workflow and improved work efficiency, suitable for warehouse management, retail, traceability management, manufacturing and other fields.

2. Functions of handheld RFID tag reader

(1) Read the information stored in the RFID tag;

(2) Write information into the RFID tag;

(3) Modify the information in the RFID tag.

3. Classification of handheld RFID tag readers

Handheld RFID readers are divided into low frequency (LH), high frequency (HF), and ultra-high frequency (UHF) according to different frequencies.

4. Application of handheld RFID tag reader

(1) Retail industry

In terms of inventory: The bluetooth handheld rfid reader can read multiple items, which improves the speed of inventory, simplifies the workflow, and improves the accuracy of inventory data.

Receiving: The staff can use the handheld RFID tag reader to quickly check the delivery note and realize real-time data transmission. Without opening the carton package, they can also read the goods in the box to help the clerk check.

In terms of finding goods: staff use handheld RFID tag readers to find commodity information, provide customers with the required commodities in time, and avoid losing sales opportunities.

(2) Warehouse management

Warehouse personnel can read the electronic tags through the handheld RFID tag reader , and easily realize the daily management of goods in storage, outbound, outbound, inventory, etc., improve the efficiency of warehouse management, and realize information-based smart warehouse management.

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