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Analysis of RFID Apparel Tags

Tags are extremely widespread in the apparel manufacturing industry, and basically every piece of clothing has RFID tags. With the rapid development of RFID technology, many clothing manufacturers have just begun to apply RFID clothing tags. So what are the specific classifications of RFID tags in the apparel industry?

1. RFID apparel tags: basic self-adhesive RFID tags

The most basic basic self-adhesive RFID tags can also easily complete the confirmation and access of all supply chain management inventory, thereby reducing short-stock and out-of-stock conditions. The customized decoding and packaging and printing service projects in the production process of such RFID apparel tags can also help clothing brands complete production scheduling.

2. RFID apparel tags: cloth label

Putting radio frequency identification technology into cloth clothing labels can also help management improve the accuracy of supply chain management inventory, and reduce the incidence of shortages and interruptions.

3. RFID apparel tags: hard label

Radio frequency identification technology, radio frequency identification and electronic anti-theft integrated dual-frequency hard tag, using a hard ABS plastic chassis, and then can be durable and repeated use. This type of radio frequency identification and electronic anti-theft integrated RFID label improves the remaining electronic anti-theft technology, integrates the accuracy of the goods and prevents damage.

4. RFID apparel tags: special hand wash label

RFID heat-resistant laundry label, using PPS plastic packaging electronic device label. Such labels have many advantages such as heat resistance, flame retardancy, solvent erosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. Hand wash labels are widely used in dry cleaners, high-end clothing, school uniforms, special clothing, clothing enterprise production management, product tracking, inventory counting and other industries.

The electronic chip uses the clothing label as the plasmid carrier and is installed on each piece of clothing during the production process, so that the label of each piece of clothing can be used by RFID technology. Various basic information of commodities is quickly collected and collected based on RFID technology, which has greatly improved the efficiency of clothing from manufacturing, delivery, commodity circulation to inventory control.

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