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As one of the top RFID providers, DTB applied the RFID technology in the management of clothing production enterprises more and more in-depth, help enterprises to realize intelligent warehouse, intelligent marketing, goods/personnel management and anti-channeling goods management and other functions. By using RFID tags for garments, clothing management can be realized automatically, in real time and intelligently.

At present, in the increasingly fierce competition in the clothing industry, enterprises must constantly improve production efficiency and shorten the turnover time of capital if they want to remain invincible in the competitive market. For this, advanced information and intelligent management means and management mode become very important.

RFID in Apparel Management

The introduction of RFID clothing labels technology enables the managers of clothing enterprises to understand the current production, inventory, sales and other key business data of the enterprise in a more timely and clear manner, and frees the staff from most tedious work, greatly improving the modern management level of clothing enterprises.

UHF RFID clothing tracking technology using radio frequency way to non-contact two-way communication exchange data in order to achieve automatic identification purposes, has the waterproof, antimagnetic, high temperature resistant, long service life, reading distance, data can be encrypted on the Uhf label, storage of great capacity of data storage, information changes freely, can recognize the moving objects, and can identify multiple tags at the same time, etc.

Apparel Management of RFID fashion retail can help enterprises to better find and deal with problems, avoid and reduce losses, build a good brand image.

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