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Application Fields of RFID Technology

1. Warehouse / Transportation / Materials

If the products are embedded with RFID chips and stored in warehouses, shopping malls and in the logistics process, relevant information of the products will be automatically collected by the reader and the manager can quickly check the goods information in the system.

2. Cold-chain logistics

Cooperating with the warehouse management system by embedding the RFID tag in the tray can achieve real-time and accurate inventory. The tag is equipped with the antenna, RFID chip, temperature sensor and a button battery, and it has both digital identification and temperature information functions, which can meet the requirements of cold-chain temperature monitoring well.

3. Access control / attendance

In companies or large-scale meetings, if the identity or fingerprint information is entered in advance, employees can easily sign in through the door identification system by themselves, which is time-saving, convenient and labor-saving.

4. Fixed assets management

Some places such as libraries, art galleries and museums with huge assets or valuable items need to have complete management procedures or strict protection measures. When the storage information of books or valuables changes abnormally, RFID tags will remind the administrator in the system at the first time, so as to deal with relevant situations.

5. Train / car identification / luggage security check

The vehicle dispatching system of China Railway is a typical case. The system can automatically identify vehicle numbers and input information, which saves a lot of time for manual statistics and improves the accuracy. In the application of the ETC fast track in expressway toll station, ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) and ETC accommodation lane is for those vehicles equipped with on-board ETC equipment, and the electronic toll collection mode is adopted.

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