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Application of RFID Tag Technology in the Internet of Things

With the development of the Internet, the Internet of Things has gradually entered all aspects of our life and production, and has now become the darling of the times, entering all aspects of our life and production. Its essence is the use of radio frequency automatic identification (RFID) technology, realize the automatic identification of items (commodities) and the interconnection and sharing of information through the computer Internet. Among the five core key technologies of the Internet of Things, RFID tag technology is particularly important as the key anti-counterfeiting technology for "letting things speak".

1. RFID tag technology and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is through radio frequency identification (RFID), infrared sensors, global positioning systems, laser scanners and other information sensing equipment, according to the agreed protocol, to connect any item with the Internet in a wired or wireless manner to calculate, store Such processing methods constitute a knowledge network of static and dynamic information about the things concerned, a network used to realize intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management. The Internet of Things constructs an "Internet of Things" covering everything in the world. In this network, items (commodities) are able to "communicate" with each other without human intervention. The core key technologies mainly include RFID tag technology, sensor technology, wireless network technology, artificial intelligence technology, cloud computing technology, etc.

2. The application of RFID tags in the Internet of Things

At present, the RFID tag technology in the Internet of Things has been widely used in many fields. RFID tags are used in cargo tracking in the logistics process, automatic information collection, warehousing applications, port applications, postal services, and express delivery. RFID tags are used in real-time economical, replenishment, and anti-theft of commodity sales data in retail. RFID tags are used in automated production, warehouse management, brand management, single product management, and channel management in the clothing industry. RFID tags are used in real-time monitoring of production data in manufacturing, quality tracking, and automated production. RFID tags are used in medical device management, patient identification, and baby anti-theft. RFID tags are used in various electronic documents such as electronic passports, ID cards, and student ID cards in identification.

The Internet of Things is built using ubiquitous network technology, and its purpose is to allow any item to be connected to the network for easy identification and management. One of the very important technologies is RFID tag technology. RFID is only a carrier for carrying Internet of Things applications, and it is also the most widely used. RFID tags have the ability to automatically identify and can be applied to any object, so they are most used in IoT applications.

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