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Application of RFID Wristbands in Various Festival Activities

Carrying a wallet full of cash and credit cards, rummaging through your pockets for change, waiting in long lines to buy beer, and not being able to log in to Facebook to post new messages, all of these can ruin an event that should have been pleasurable. Therefore, event organizers have been unremittingly looking for ways to improve the event experience, and strive to provide participants with convenient, simple and interactive ways. Now, with RFID technology, these problems will no longer exist.

By placing RFID wrist tag in mobile devices, wristbands and smart cards, users can easily make cashless payments, share content, or log in to social media. These advantages have greatly aroused the interest of event organizers everywhere. A series of activities such as sports, entertainment, and leisure have begun to use RFID technology extensively.

1. RFID wristband in large banquets and festivals

The opening dinner of the New York Public Library provided nearly 30,000 different cocktails made by 150 different bartenders. It was difficult for participants to post their favourite cocktails on social media.

To solve this problem, the organizer distributed RFID wristbands to each guest and instructed them to touch the RFID wireless reader on the bar with the wristband. Now, guests can log in to Facebook or Twitter accounts. A linked photo station was installed at the party, where guests can use wristbands to automatically update pictures, post real-time messages at the touch points on the library wall, or even post information about the cocktails they are enjoying.

2. RFID wristband in theme park

Disneyland, one of the most famous entertainment venues in the world, hopes to bring more joy to visitors. To this end, it plans to install a system called FastPass that uses RFID technology and iPad to speed up ticketing operations.

Visitors need to pre-select a series of FastPass attractions, and then they will receive a list. When they arrive at Disney, the staff will give them RFID wristbands, which can be automatically reported by simply waving the wristband under a scanner specially designed for FastPass. These RFID wristbands have a built-in RFID chip. It is said that your name, credit card information and favourite attractions data will be stored before you arrive, and your personal information will be encrypted and stored in it, so it can be used as a ticket.

According to the Disney project, when tourists arrive at the scheduled time, they only need to wave the UHF RFID wristband on the sensor to transmit the reservation information to the iPad of nearby staff. Disney plans to use this RFID system to replace the existing paper ticket system so that tourists do not have to wait in long queues, and the organizers can also know the arrival time of the tourists.

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