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Classification and Advantages of RFID Card Reader

1. It's necessary to pay attention to the frequency range of the RFID chip card reader to see if it meets the frequency specification of the project;

2. It's important to know whether the maximum transmission power of the card reader and the antenna of the matching model exceed the standard;

3. Check the number of antenna ports provided by the card reader, and consider whether a card reader with multiple interfaces is required according to the application;

4. Whether the communication interface meets the needs of the project;

5. Know the reading distance and anti-collision index. It is necessary to clear the reading range index that is tested under which antenna and tag; For anti-collision, it must be clear which tags and how long will it take to read them all in which arrangement;

6. An RFID application system is not only related to the card reader, but also related to tags, antennas, the material of the labeled items, the speed of the labeled items, and the surrounding environment, etc. Before determining the equipment, it is best to simulate the live situation for testing and verification to ensure that the product truly meets the application requirements;

7. Continuously test the stability of the equipment under simulated conditions to ensure long-term stable work;

8. Check whether the development materials meet the system development requirements. And it is best to support the system you are using with related routines. If not, the development time will be very long or even fail;

The classification of RFID card readers and their advantages are shared as above. RFID card manufacturer of Shenzhen DTB RFID Co., Ltd RFID provides: RFID tags, RFID electronic tags, radio frequency identification tags, etc.

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