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Common UHF RFID Application Scenarios

1. Understand UHF RFID tags

UHF RFID has the advantages of being able to read multiple tags at one time, long identification distance, fast data transmission speed, high reliability and lifespan, and resistance to harsh outdoor environments, so UHF RFID application market scenarios are quite broad. What are the common application scenarios of UHF RFID tags?

2. Scenarios for UHF RFID applications

UHF RFID application in vehicle management: through the dedicated short-range communication between the vehicle electronic tag installed on the windshield of the vehicle and the radio frequency antenna on the ETC lane of the toll station, the computer networking technology is used to conduct background settlement processing with the bank, thereby achieving the purpose of paying road and bridge tolls without stopping for vehicles passing through road and bridge toll stations.

UHF RFID application in electronic identification: electronic license plate is an application of the subdivision, extension and improvement of Internet of Things technology. An electronic license plate tag is installed on the motor vehicle, the RFID tag is used as the carrier of vehicle information, and the data on the electronic tag of the motor vehicle is collected or written when passing through the road section equipped with the authorized radio frequency identification reader. It is an advanced technology that realizes the digital management of all vehicles.

UHF RFID application in product anti-counterfeiting traceability: Through the application of RFID tag technology in all aspects of enterprise product production, it can realize anti-counterfeiting, traceability, circulation and market control, protect enterprise brand and intellectual property rights, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

UHF RFID application in warehousing and logistics pallet management: RFID tag technology is introduced into existing warehouse management to automate the data of warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, warehousing, allocation, warehouse shifting, inventory counting and other operations. It ensures the speed and accuracy of data input in all aspects of warehouse management, ensures that enterprises can grasp the real data of inventory in a timely and accurate manner, and reasonably maintain and control enterprise inventory.

UHF RFID is used in the washing industry: laundry tags are resistant to high temperature and rubbing, and are mainly used for tracking in the laundry industry, checking the washing conditions of clothes, etc. The label adopts silicone encapsulation technology, which can be sewn, hot ironed or hung on towels and clothing, and is used for inventory management of towels and clothing products. By sewing a button-shaped (or label-shaped) electronic label on each piece of linen until the linen is scrapped (the label can be reused, but does not exceed the service life of the label itself). It will make the user's laundry management more transparent and improve work efficiency. High temperature laundry labels are widely used in textile factories, linen professional washing and laundries, etc.

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