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Design and Manufacture of NFC Tag

1. About the NFC tag

The NFC tag likes a thin piece of paper with a coil inside, and you can use an NFC-enabled phone or computer to write data into the NFC tag. For example, you can write a website or phone number into it. The next time you want to open this website or dial a phone number, you can put the NFC tag on the NFC sensor area of the phone, and the website or phone number will automatically appear on the phone, which is very convenient. Besides, another good function is that you can program NFC tag through NFC software, which likes recording. For example, when you are ready to drive, you need to turn your phone into car mode and turn on Bluetooth, etc. You can record these steps into the NFC tag one by one through the NFC application so that you can touch the NFC tag with the phone every time you are ready to drive and the above settings will automatically be completed.

2. The design and manufacture of NFC tag

There are many aspects to consider in tag design and manufacture. Tags are designed to be manufactured in large quantities at a very low cost while maintaining performance. Here are some key performance parameters and factors to consider when designing tags.

Read speed: Speed is important because all data contained in the tag needs to be transmitted when two NFC devices are in proximity. If the tag transmits data slowly, there is a risk of incomplete transmission and poor reliability. The result affects users, people who do not understand the technology will lose confidence if they have to repeat it multiple times to make it work. The first type of nfc paper tags allow all data to be transmitted in a block, which maintains the read performance of the tag.

Die size: Die size is particularly important in NEC tag design. Smaller die costs less and an inconspicuous tag (which is important for use in posters), and smaller memory naturally leads to a smaller die size.

Price per unit: Since the tamper proof nfc tags are targeted for extremely low-cost applications (such as smart posters), the unit price is an extremely important factor in tag design. Cost is essential because the cost of a tag is affected by several factors, including memory size and integrated circuit complexity from the additional features. The cost can be cut down if the memory and features are as simple as possible.

When the NFC system is well developed, NFC tag production may reach the scale of billions. Therefore, careful design is required to strike the right balance between cost and performance.

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