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DTB RFID Made A Wonderful Appearance at the 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition! See you next year!

The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition 1

On July 29-31, the 14th IOTE 2020 International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shenzhen Station in Shenzhen (Futian) Convention and Exhibition Center, with the theme of "Digital Intelligence Served as the New Foundation, G Produced by Everything " was grandly opened! This exhibition can be called the largest comprehensive IoT exhibition since the outbreak of the global epidemic.

The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition 1

Under the epidemic situation, the difficulty index of holding large-scale offline events this year has increased. Both the organizer and the exhibitors are worried about the effect of this exhibition. After 3 days of verification, the effect of the 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition of IOTE 2020 in Shenzhen Station has far exceeded expectations.

The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition 1

Visitors are learning more about asset management software

DTB RFID is an industry-leading provider of RFID products and solutions, and has participated in the IOTE exhibition for 3 consecutive years. In this exhibition, we focused on displaying RFID asset management solutions. Our products such as RFID electronic tag in car, RFID reading and writing equipments, and asset management software attracted many visitors to watch and communicate.

/uploads/The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition 1/2020/08/04/The-14th-International-Internet-of-Things-Exhibition-4.jpg

Our sales representatives are warmly receiving customers

After more than three months of online voting and comprehensive selection by the expert jury of the IOTE Organizing Committee, DTB RIFD's new NFC product stood out from tens of thousands of exhibits from more than 300 exhibitors and became the highly anticipated "IOTE 2020 Gold Award Innovative Product".

The 14th International Internet of Things Exhibition 1

Our representatives are accepting the award on the stage (the fourth from the left)

This year's Internet of Things exhibition came to a successful conclusion. Both our products and the professional capabilities of our employees have won unanimous praise from many customers on site. Let us meet together in IOTE2021, and meet more wonderful things together!

We are adhering to the business philosophy of "professional excellence in diligence" and insisting on continuously improving the quality of products and services. We are your trusted long-term partner!

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