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DTB RFID Successfully Participated on Trustech 2018

Welcome to Visit DTB RFID at TRUSTECH2018

TRUSTECH 2018 was held at the Palais des Festivals convention center in Cannes from 27 to 29 November.

TRUSTECH is unique in its coverage of all secure and trusted solutions, from smart cards and secure documents through to AI and embedded hardware and software for the IoT.

During the exhibition, the DTB RFID booth attracted many new customers and partners from all over the world. Therefore, DTB team had a wonderful time with nice people.

DTB RFID Successfully Participated on Trustech2018

DTB RFID, a leading RFID consumables manufacturer, is dedicated to making high-quality RFID consumables with advanced and innovative technologies. To DO THE BEST for providing clients with high quality and cost effective products to compliment end-users' diverse RFID tag solutions is our aim.

Thank you for your visiting on TRUSTECH 2018 and appreciate your support and trust!

Hope we can meet again next April in Phoenix, AZ.

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