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How Many RFID Tags Can There Be in a Car?

Intelligent networking has become an important trend in the development of the automotive industry. As one of the key technologies of the Internet of Things, RFID also has many applications in the Internet of Vehicles.

1. RFID label for car tires

Automobile tire RFID tags can solve the problems encountered in the current tire identification and traceability processes. At the same time, tire production data, sales data, usage data, and retread data can be marked on tire RFID tags. The corresponding data can be collected and read through the terminal at any time, and combined with the corresponding management software, the recording and traceability of the tire's full life cycle data can be realized.

2. RFID label for humidity sensor

The humidity sensor RFID tag is attached to the back of the chair. Humidity RFID tags can determine whether there is someone on the seat through human body detection elements, eliminating the trouble of items triggering seat belt warnings, thereby improving system reliability. In addition, the humidity sensor RFID tag in car can also be applied to car leakage detection. A typical configuration contains six to ten sensors, and each location is assigned a unique EPC. According to the size of the vehicle and the specific needs of the vehicle manufacturer, it is placed at a specific detection location or assembly line junction for liquid leakage detection. The inspector only needs to hold the reader around the car to query the sensor RFID label.

3. RFID label for liquid level detection

Automobile liquid level detection includes detection of fuel tank oil level, engine oil level, brake fluid level, and acidic liquid level. Traditional automotive liquid level detection systems need to be connected to wires and must be located inside the container. Intelligent passive sensors can sense the liquid level outside the container, eliminating sensitive electronics in the fuel tank. The sensor vehicle-mounted RFID tag is optimized for the dielectric constant of the liquid and can detect a variety of liquids. Its length does not exceed 4 inches, which can meet the needs of multiple sensor labels on the outside of the container with limited space.

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