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How to Use RFID Reader?

1. An overview of the use of RFID reader

The RFID reader can capture information from the target that needs to be acquired with the radio frequency identification signal, and can also identify high-speed moving objects, and can also mark multiple objects without manual operation, which is smarter, more convenient and faster. There are mainly fixed and handheld RFID readers.

The RFID reader can be connected to the user's PC, used as an independent RFID reader, or used as a part of the system, embedded in the user's system. After the RFID reader is connected to the user's PC, the user can test the system used, and can also operate the card.

2. The steps of using RFID reader

(1) First, turn off the power of the computer and unplug the keyboard socket. Then connect the interface of the keyboard to the corresponding socket of the RFID reader. Since the power supply of the RFID reader is directly used by the computer keyboard, if the plug does not match, a certain power supply can be added to the module of the RFID reader. After the RFID reader cable is added to the keyboard socket of the user's PC, the RS232 socket needs to be connected.

(2) RFID communication cables and read-write modules need to be connected, and the RFID antenna and RFID module must be connected.

(3) After all the above connections are done, turn on the PC, then get a copy of the RFID system disk to the PC, and then install it, and then run the RFID reader test program to see if each command can be executed normally. If it can be executed normally, the RFID reader and the user's PC are installed, and then it can be used.

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