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How to Write Information on RFID Labels?

Ⅰ. What is an RFID label?

RFID label technology is an automatic identification technology that began to emerge in the 1990s. This automatic identification technology is a technology that uses radio frequency signals to achieve contactless information transmission through spatial coupling (alternating magnetic field or electromagnetic field) and achieve the purpose of identification through the transmitted information. Simply put, it is non-contact identification. The main difference between it and radio technology is that radio frequency identification technology does not require power supply or energy-driven equipment, and can actively send its own stored information. Common commercial products with RFID technology as the core include inductive electronic chips or proximity cards, proximity cards, contactless cards, electronic labels, electronic barcodes and so on. So how do RFID labels write information?

Ⅱ. How to write RFID label information

1. When the RFID label leaves the factory, the complete tag information has been written into the tag. In this case, during the application process, the RFID label generally has a read-only function. The writing of read-only tag information, in more cases, is in the production process of the RFID label chip, that is, the tag information is written into the chip, so that each radio frequency tag has a unique identification UID. In the application, the corresponding relationship between the unique UID of the label and the identification information of the item to be identified (such as the license plate number) needs to be established. The writing of the read-only tag information is also done before the application, and the complete tag information is written by a dedicated initialization device.

2. The writing of RFID label information is realized by wired contact, and this kind of tag information writing device is generally called a programmer. This contact-type RFID label information writing method usually has the ability to be rewritten multiple times. For example, this method is used to write the electronic label information of railway freight cars currently in use. After completing the information injection, the label usually needs to seal the writing port to meet the requirements of moisture-proof, waterproof and anti-fouling in the application.

3. After the radio frequency tag leaves the factory, it allows users to write data information to the RFID label in a non-contact way through a dedicated RFID label writing device. This dedicated writing function is usually combined with the RFID label reading function to form an RFID label reader/writer. RFID labels with wireless write capabilities also typically have unique non-rewritable UIDs. The radio frequency tag with this function tends to be a general-purpose RFID label. In the application, only its UID can be read or only the specified RFID label memory unit (the smallest unit of one read and write) can be read and written according to actual needs.

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