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In Which Industries Are RFID Tags Used in Addition to Anti-counterfeiting Management?

RFID tags are widely used in our lives, but in which industries are RFID tags used? As a data information carrier, RFID tags have the functions of tracking and tracing, information collection, identification and identification, and are widely used in anti-counterfeiting and management.

Ⅰ. The outstanding technical characteristics of RFID tags

The outstanding technical characteristics of RFID tags are: RFID tags can identify a single very specific object, unlike barcodes that can only identify one type of object; RFID tags can read multiple objects at the same time, while barcodes can only be read one by one; RFID tags store a large amount of information; RFID tags use radio frequency and can read data through external materials, while barcodes must rely on lasers or infrared to read information on the surface of the material medium.

Ⅱ. The industry of RFID tag application

1. RFID tag application anti-counterfeiting: RFID tag is a unique and unique information carrier for each product, which can record and trace the process of items from production to sales in detail, and the recorded information can be generated by scanning. It can effectively prevent smuggling of wrong goods and avoid fraudulent elements.

2. RFID tag application warehouse management: RFID tags can locate and track product location and storage in real time, and solve the problem of inventory quantity management, which effectively improves production efficiency and reduces cost losses.

3. RFID tag application line management: It can conveniently and accurately record information such as commodity process, process operation, production time, worker number, etc., fully realize the traceability of production, and avoid mistakes in the production process of items.

4. RFID tag application management of valuables: RFID tags are placed in valuables such as clothing, bags, cameras, notebooks, jewelry, etc. The scanner can be used for anti-theft, settlement and after-sales services, and real-time records of items.

5. RFID tags are applied to book management and rental product management: RFID tags are attached to books to receive and track the situation of books. When inventorying and sorting, it can improve work efficiency, simplify work content, and avoid work errors.

RFID tags are also widely used in the Internet of Things, sports competitions, air parcel management and other fields. The application advantages of RFID tags: 1. There are many data storage contents; 2. Easy to use: small size; 3. Safety and uniqueness; 4. Long service life; 5. Sensitive induction.

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