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Intelligent RFID Warehouse Management System Helps Intelligent Storage

Do you know weakness of the warehouse management industry?

(1) Many man-made links: 

In and out of the warehouse are manual checking of accounts, and inventory is time-consuming, laborious and inconvenient for statistics and management.

(2) Unclear material information: 

Material information cannot be grasped in time, response is not timely, and information cannot be traced.

(3) Missing material quality data: 

The data of inbound and outbound are not closed-loop materials, and there is no data basis for manufacturer evaluation.

(4) Material search efficiency is low: 

Repetitive work, time-consuming search, large site specifications and large amount of information.

1. Overview of RFID warehouse management system

RFID-based inventory management systems often use advanced RFID technology to establish asset informatization and intelligent warehousing systems, forming a comprehensive material tracking and tracing system, and providing powerful data support for asset quality comparison and purchasing decisions. The docking of the RFID based inventory management system realizes the integration of the information platform. Install electronic tags on each cargo location to physically divide separate areas to uniquely identify the identity of the cargo location. An electronic label is installed on each tray to uniquely identify the identity of each tray. Every single product can be installed with an electronic label to identify the identity of the goods. Each driver carries an electronic tag to identify the driver (optional). Install RFID fixed readers at each warehouse entrance/passage, and install RFID antennas at the entrance or both sides of the passage to automatically detect incoming and outgoing pallets and the identity of the driver. According to the layout of the site terrain, it can assist infrared, vehicle detector, reader pairing, etc. to realize vehicle access status detection.

2. Hardware components of RFID-based inventory management systems

RFID tags: 

The tags affixed to the outside of the packaging box, used for binding and review when entering the warehouse, searching and reviewing when leaving the warehouse, and scanning and reading with handheld reader when performing inventory and searching.

RFID handheld terminal and handheld reader: 

It is convenient for warehouse clerk to operate asset information at any time, can be used to read and write RFID tag information. It can also be used for review operations when entering and leaving the warehouse.

Desktop reader: 

This device is mainly used to write asset information into tags before warehousing operations.

Fixed reader: 

This machine cooperates with the antenna on the forklift to read and confirm assets.

RFID forklift antenna:

This equipment is mainly installed on the forklift, and it is confirmed when moving the warehouse and assets.

RFID access door: 

It is mainly used for product review when the whole box is in and out of the warehouse. It is fast and efficient, which can greatly improve the efficiency of work and the accuracy of in and out.

3. Advantages of RFID warehouse inventory tracking system

Efficient operation: 

RFID technology can ensure efficient and fast completion of various business operations, thereby improving warehouse management, increasing efficiency and value. Reduce manpower and management costs.

Accurate inventory: 

The RFID inventory tracking system reduce inventory cycle and difficulty, improve real-time data and dynamic grasp of inventory conditions, and achieve visual management of inventory items.

Evidence to follow: 

The RFID warehouse inventory tracking system realizes complete product information record, completes life cycle tracking, and provides data support for tracing supplier product quality. It comprehensively enhances customer's traceability assurance of corporate products.

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