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Introduction of RFID Functions (Part 2)

3. Vehicle logistics management

The vehicle intelligent electronic tag is written in the RFID tag, which can realize the information management of vehicle logistics and help solve the problems of vehicle production, inventory management and sales management. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the ID card in the circulation of vehicles. This identification number can be written into the RFID tag embedded in the car to realize the management of the car's electronic digital license plate. By reading the stored information of the vehicle's intelligent electronic tags, the accuracy and work efficiency of vehicle information are greatly improved, and problems in automobile after-sales service, product tracking, and quality traceability are solved.

RFID technology can improve customer service levels. When the user enters the car repair shop or the 4S shop, the owner information, maintenance records and other contents stored in the car can be reached through the reader. And the application of this system can also enable automobile manufacturers to quickly understand the use of automobiles in the market, which has great significance in product development and service management.

4. Application in the whole process of automotive supply chain

RFID technology is breaking through the limitations in the factory and realizing its application in the entire automotive supply chain. Toyota Motor is planning to establish such a system to track the entire automotive supply chain. In the first stage, they used reusable tags to monitor the vehicles in the assembly shop. In the second stage, they used disposable paper RFID tags to track parts and complete vehicles, and already realized the vehicle's tracking management in their distribution centers. In the third stage, Toyota is planning to use RFID in retail industry. RFID, which includes customer information and original production data, will be permanently retained on the car and used throughout its life cycle.

In addition, RFID can also be used as an anti-counterfeiting label for parts, such as implanting electronic tags on tires, engines, airbags, transmission shafts and other parts, to distinguish counterfeit parts and protect consumers Legal rights using its encryption and automatic identification functions. Our RFID cards for sale can manage vehicle compressed natural gas cylinders. The RFID tag that is added to the gas cylinder, which store the information about the gas cylinder manufacturer, the time of the gas cylinder, the number of filling times, and other information can monitor the use of the gas cylinder, and recover the expired gas cylinder in time to reduce the potential danger in the use link.

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