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Nowadays, hotels, hospitals, baths and professional washing companies handle thousands of textiles and other supplies every year, which in urgent need of a RFID laundry tagging system. The work involves handing over linen, washing, ironing, finishing, storage, etc. The great challenge of RFID laundry tagging system is how to effectively track and manage each piece of linen, including the washing process, washing times, inventory status, and effective classification of linen.

The introduction of DTB RFID laundry tag will make laundry management intelligent. RFID laundry solutions improve the work efficiency of the staff and reduces the error rate in the work process.

How does RFID Laundry Tags Works?

1. Label sewing

Choose a suitable location and sew the RFID laundry tag on the linen.

2. Encoding

Associate the attributes of linen with the RFID tag UID, uploading the data to the server, and establish an electronic file of linen. 

3. Check of linen to be washed

Pack the linen to be washed directly. The staff automatically collects the quantity through the RFID reader and records the ID of each piece of linen that is read with RFID laundry management.

4. Check the linen after washing

After the linen is cleaned, check it again through the RFID label reader. After that, confirm whether there is any linen missing during the washing process, and print out the records to hand over to the user.

5. Linen sorting

With the help of the uniqueness of tags of RFID laundry system, it can help to sort all kinds of linen. Before packing, the staff can confirm whether they are misplaced by RFID reader.

6. Linen handover

When handing over to customers, staff can quickly check the number of handovers with customers through the handheld reader.

Category of RFID Laundry Tags

Category of RFID Laundry Tag

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