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Little Helper: RFID Medical Bracelet in the Hospital

Ⅰ. RFID medical bracelets help medical staff

RFID technology has many advantages such as long-distance recognition, real-time data recognition and update, and simultaneous collection of multiple data. It has long attracted attention in the medical industry. RFID technology plays an effective role in the management of hospital equipment, instruments, and tools, as for patient management, RFID medical bracelets make patient diagnosis and treatment information safer and more accurate, and help save medical staff a lot of time. Compared with the traditional medical bracelets or wristbands used in the past, RFID medical bracelets or wristbands have obvious advantages in application, which is why hospitals increasingly prefer to use RFID medical bracelets. So what are the advantages of RFID medical bracelets?

Ⅱ. The advantages of RFID medical bracelets

1. As a disposable wristband, the RFID medical bracelet is embedded with a sealed chip. The chip is small, but it can store a lot of information, covering all the information of the patient in the hospital. For example, if the patient is sent from another department or another doctor, the patient's condition can be read by the hand-held terminal PDA, which is of great importance when applied to special patients.

2. In terms of data information reading, the bar code wristband must be scanned and read one-to-one through the hand-held terminal PDA, while RFID data reading has the ability to remotely identify and collect multiple data at the same time, as long as the RFID medical bracelet is within the range of the RFID read-write device, the data can be read and written to the wristband, and the patient's location tracking and efficient management can be realized.

3. Since the traditional wristband uses handwriting or printing bar codes to record data, once the surface is damaged and contaminated, it will seriously affect the function. By storing the patient information in the chip, the RFID medical bracelet will not affect the reading of the chip information even if the surface is worn. It can also encrypt the chip information to protect patient privacy and hospital information security.

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