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Magnetic Card


Size Options

    ISO Standard Size: 85.5*54mm 

Base Material

    PVC       PET       ABS       PETG

Printing Options

    Offset CMYK Printing       Silkscreen Printing       Digital Printing

Magnetic Property

    LOCO: 300/350 OE       Hico: 2750/4000 OE

Surface Finish

    Glossy       Matt       Frosted

Stripe Size Options

    Narrow: 8mm       Wide: 12.5~12.7 mm

Stripe Color Options

    Black       Grey       Silver       Gold

Encoding Service

    1st Track       2nd Track       3rd Track

Description of Magnetic Card

Magnetic cards are easy to use and cost-effective, so they are widely used in various applications. 

There are 3 tracks on the magnetic stripe. All the 3 tracks are read & write tracks, which can be read or written when in use.

Personalization Options of Magnetic Card

● various numbering options          ● magnetic stripe

● silver/gold background                ●  UV spot

● Signature strip                              ●  Hologram

Personalization Options of Magnetic Card.jpg

Packing Details for Magnetic Card

● 200 pcs per white box              ● 2,000 pcs per paper carton

● Carton Size: 50*23*16cm          ● G.W.: 12.5kg per carton

Packing Details for Magnetic Card

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Magnetic Card
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