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Description of RFID ABS On Metal Tag

UHF ABS anti-metal tags are long read range passive UHF RFID tags on metal surfaces. It has a sturdy housing, so it can be used in harsh outdoor environments. Specially designed screw holes allow this RFID tag to be firmly nailed to the surface of the item.

DTB provides both global and regional options for global asset management needs.

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  • RFID ABS On Metal Tag
  • RFID ABS On Metal Tag
  • Long Range Uhf Rfid
  • RFID ABS On Metal Tag
  • RFID ABS On Metal Tag
  • RFID ABS On Metal Tag
  • Long Range Uhf Rfid
  • RFID ABS On Metal Tag


Operating Frequency

    860~960 MHz

International Standards

    EPC Global Class1 Gen2       ISO 18000-6C

Size options

    Current size options       customized shape created by mould

Base material


Color options


Numbering options

    Serial number        barcode        QR code

Glue options

    Generic option       3M options

Model Options of RFID ABS On Metal Tag

Model No.PictureSize (mm)Available chipsWorking
Read Range
    (on Metal)
    (Handheld Reader)
Weight (g)
M100LM100L.jpg125*36*9mmImpinj M4E-20°C~85°C

M100L-EM100L-E130*36*9mmImpinj M4E-20°C~85°C

M18S(A)M18S(A)65*21*9mmImpinj M4E-20°C~85°C4m

M81S(A)69*21*9mmImpinj M4E-20°C~85°C

MT41A(A)MT41A(A)41*18*4.5mmImpinj R6-20°C~85°C4m

MT84A(A)MT84A(A)90*25*4.5mmImpinj R6-20°C~85°C

MT84A(A)MT84A(A)_(2)90*25*4.5mmImpinj R6-20°C~85°C12m

MT155AMT155A155*32*10mmAlien H3-20°C~85°C

Packing Details of RFID ABS On Metal Tag

  • 100 pcs per OPP bag;

  • 10 pcs per white box;

  • 10,000 pcs per paper carton;

  • Carton size: 50*23*16 CM.


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