Epoxy RFID Card

Chip options:LF/HF/UHF/Combi chips; Size options: 85.5 * 54mm/Irregular size


As a leading RFID card manufacturer and supplier, we understand the importance of high-quality RFID cards in a wide range of applications. From access control management and membership management to social management and cashless payment, RFID cards are a crucial part of many industries like bus cards and ticket cards.

RFID cards come in a variety of forms, including RFID/NFC hotel key cards, NFC business cards, and more. Whether you need a card for your hotel room locking system or a card reader for your access control system, we have the expertise to deliver the high-quality cards you need.

We use only the highest quality RFID chips to ensure that our cards work seamlessly with your existing systems.

With those RFID hotel key cards, you can offer your guests a seamless and secure experience. The cards use the latest in RFID and NFC technology to ensure that your locking system is both secure and easy to use. With a range of custom designs and high-quality printing options, your guests will love the look and feel of their new key cards.

Whether you’re looking for RFID key cards for your hotel, smart cards for your access control system, or any other type of RFID card, we have the expertise and technology to deliver the high-quality solutions you need.


1. Can RFID cards be customized for different applications?

Yes, RFID cards can be customized with various designs, colors, and functionalities. They can be tailored to suit specific applications like employee identification, event access, or membership cards.

2. What are the different types of RFID cards available?

There are various types of RFID cards, including contactless cards (using HF or UHF frequencies), proximity cards, smart cards, and NFC-enabled cards. Each type offers specific features and benefits for different use cases.

3. Do RFID cards have an expiration date?

The durability of RFID cards depends on factors like the materials used and the environment they are exposed to. Typically, they have a long lifespan, but certain conditions can affect their performance over time.

4. Are RFID cards compatible with existing systems?

Yes, RFID cards can often be integrated into existing access control, payment, and identification systems. Many systems are designed to support RFID technology, making it relatively easy to transition to RFID cards.

5. Can RFID cards be read from a distance?

The read distance of RFID cards depends on the type of RFID technology used. HF cards generally have a shorter read range, while UHF cards can be read from a longer distance. This variability allows for flexibility in choosing the right RFID card for specific applications.

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