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Description of RFID Desktop Reader

Desktop Reader is a card reader for both 125KHz and 13.56MHz dual-band. Desktop Reader has been widely used in data entry, information inquiry, Internet bar registration, book lending, conference check-in, and access control. 

  • RFID Desktop Reader
  • RFID Desktop Reader
  • RFID Desktop Reader
  • RFID Desktop Reader
  • RFID Desktop Reader
  • RFID Desktop Reader


  • Virtual USB COM interface, Micro USB connector ;

  • Compliant with ISO/IEC14443-4 Type A/B, ISO/IEC15693 international Standard;

  • Available working mode of Read/Write or Read UID only;

  • Support contactless cards of MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight/UL C,NFC NTAG tags, I CODE SLI/SLI S, Fujitsu MB89R112A metal tags, etc;

  • Support DES/3DES/AES/MAC encryption algorithm, password writing/stored;

  • Available to operate MIFARE DESFire EV1 Card's PICC level, Application ID create/ delete/format, etc;

  • Internal LED and BUZ indication for working status .

Specifications of RFID Desktop Reader

Electrical Specification
Power supplyDC 5V from USB
Power consumptionMax current:<50mA,   Standby current: <1 mA
Operation frequency13.56MHz
Baudrate9600~115200 bit/s ( default 115200bps)
InterfaceUSB (micro USB)
Reading rangeUp to 5 cm ~ 10 cm( depends on antenna and cards)
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension115mmX70mmX12mm (LxWxH)
MaterialABS, Black gloss surface
Environmental Conditions
Operation temperature-20°C~ +80°C
Storage temperature-40°C~ +85°C
HumidityRelative humidity 5%~95%
Supported Standard/ Tags
ISO14443 ARead/write:
MIFARE® Classic 1K /4K, MIFARE Ultralight®, MIFARE Ultralight® C, MIFARE DESFire®EV1, MIFARE® Smart MX, MIFARE® Plus S / X, MIFARE® Pro X, NTAG 21x
Read UID only:
Read UID only of all other ISO14443A RFID tags
ISO14443 BSRI4K, SRIX4K, AT88RF020, 66CL160S, SR176
ISO15693EM4135, EM4043, EM4x33, EM4x35, I-Code SLI / SLIX, M24LR16/64, TI Tag-it HF-I, SRF55Vxx (my-d vicinity) , Fujitsu MB89R112A
SDK information
Demo softwareWINDOWS,  C# language
FilesComprotocol document
API document
User Manual

Note:  Other functions and details to be continued and upgrade

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