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RFID Flexible On Metal Tag


Operating Frequency

    860~960 MHz

International Standards

   EPC Global Class1 Gen2       ISO 18000-6C

Size options

   Current size options

Antenna Options

   Aluminium foil

Base Material


Printing Options

   Offset CMYK printing       Be blank

Numbering Options

    Serial numbers       Bar code       QR code

Glue Options

    Generic option       3M options

Description of RFID Flexible On Metal Tag

UHF flexible anti-metal tag provide both global and regional options, long read ranges and various size options. It can be printed on users's side. And it has strong glue for rough surface.

As a cost effective option, UHF flexible anti-metal tag are the ideal solution for high volume applications in manufacturing, IT and industry.

Model Options of RFID Flexible On Metal Tag

Model No.PictureSize (mm)Available chips

Working Environment

Read Range(on Metal)
Weight (g)

RFID Flexible On Metal Tag MT90

95*25*0.6mmImpinj R6-20°C~85°C3m3 g

RFID Flexible On Metal Tag MT90R

90*20*0.8mmImpinj R6-20°C~85°C3m3 g

RFID Flexible On Metal Tag MT66

70*30*1.17mmNXP Ucode 8-20°C~85°C3m3 g

RFID Flexible On Metal Tag MT90 RK46

46*23 mmNXP Ucode 8-20°C~85°C3m2.5 g

Packing Details of RFID Flexible On Metal Tag

● 1,000 pcs per roll        ● 10,000 pcs per paper carton        ● Carton Size: 50*23*16cm    

Packing Details of RFID Flexible On Metal Tag

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RFID Flexible On Metal Tag
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