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Description of RFID Hard Sticker

RFID hard sticker is mainly used for asset management. Its shape is generally designed according to the actual use.

Considering some special application environments, such as outdoor, acid and alkali environments, DTB provides a variety of different glue options to ensure that the RFID hard sticker is durable.

  • Nfc Sticker
  • Rfid Sticker
  • Rfid Tag Sticker
  • Nfc Sticker
  • Rfid Sticker
  • Rfid Tag Sticker


Chip Options

    LF(125KHz)       HF(13.56Mhz)   

Size Options

   18*33mm    25*25mm    OD-25/30/40mm etc.

Antenna Options

    Copper Wire        Aluminium Foil 

Base Material

    PVC       PET       ABS       PETG

Printing Options

    Offset CMYK Printing       Silkscreen Printing       Digital Printing

Surface Finish

    Glossy       Matt       Frosted

Numbering Options

    Black Laser Code       Yellow Laser Code       Uv Ink Code

UID List Options

    Hexadecimal Format       Decimal Format

Glue Options of RFID Hard Sticker

 ● 3M 467/468: Normal option;

 ● 3M 9080: Waterproof Strong;

 ● 3M 9448: Rubber subject; Rough surface;

 ● 3M 4914: UV protect; Very strong.

Packing Details for RFID Hard Sticker

● 800 pcs per white box              ● 8,000 pcs per paper carton

● Carton Size: 50*23*16cm          ● G.W.: 12.5kg per carton

Packing Details for RFID Hard Sticker

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