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Description of RFID Plastic Badge

Today, people frequently access various places, participate in various meetings, parties, conventions and so on. In order to perform event management more efficiently, RFID badges came into being.

RFID badge is not only a voucher, it can also be used for payment management and membership management at the event site.

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  • Badge Rfid 125khz
  • ​Rfid Employee Badges
  • Rfid ID Badges
  • Rfid Name Badges
  • Badge Rfid 125khz
  • ​Rfid Employee Badges
  • Rfid ID Badges
  • Rfid Name Badges


Chip Options

    LF(125KHz)       HF(13.56Mhz)       UHF(860~960Mhz) 

Size Options

    85.5*54mm    70*100mm    80*120mm    90*130mm    etc.

Antenna Options

    Aluminum Foil       Copper Wire

Base Material

    PVC       PET       ABS       PETG

Printing Options

    Offset CMYK Printing       Silkscreen Printing       Digital Printing

Surface Finish

    Glossy       Matt       Frosted

Numbering Options

    Black Laser Code       Yellow Laser Code       UV Ink Code  

    Digital Code(dot)       Thermal Number

UID List Options

    Hexadecimal format       Decimal format

Current Size Options of RFID Plastic Badge

Current Size Options Of Rfid Plastic Badge

Packing Details for RFID Plastic Badge

● 200 pcs per white box    ● 2,000 pcs per paper carton    ● Carton Size: 50*23*16cm

packing details for iso size

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