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Description of RFID Satin Fabric Tag

Satin fabric RFID tag is soft and easy to customize. It can be packed in rolls, so it is convenient to print personalized information on its surface.

Generally, this type of RFID tag is suitable for being sewn on the hoe of a garment.

  • Rfid Cloth Fabric
  • Rfid Clothing
  • RFID Satin Fabric Tag
  • Rfid Cloth Fabric
  • Rfid Clothing
  • RFID Satin Fabric Tag


Operating Frequency

    860~960 MHz

International Standards

    EPC Global Class1 Gen2       ISO 18000-6C

Chip options

    Impinj R6       NXP Ucode 7

Size options

    Current sizes       Customized size created by mould

Base material

    Satin Fabric with RFID paper label on it

Printing options

    Offset CMYK printing       Be blank

Numering options

    serial numbers       UID       Bar code       QR code

Packing Details of RFID Satin Fabric Tag

● 1,000 pcs per roll        ● 10,000 pcs per paper carton        ● Carton Size: 50*23*16cm      


Packing Details of RFID Tags

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