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Description of Waterproof RFID Tag

High temperature and humidity resistance, waterproof RFID tag can be washable, soaking and rubbing repeatedly, can be direct ironing and sewing. With high sensitivity, strong anti-jamming capability, excellent read/write performance etc. Machine washable RFID tags are mainly use for clothing factories, laundry, medical logistics laundry, chemical raw materials and high temperature, corrosion resistance and other harsh environments.

  • Machine Washable Rfid Tags
  • Rfid Waterproof Fabric Tag
  • Washable Rfid Tags Price
  • Machine Washable Rfid Tags
  • Rfid Waterproof Fabric Tag
  • Washable Rfid Tags Price

Overview of Waterproof RFID Tag

Operating Frequency

    860~960 MHz  

International Standards

    EPC Global Class1 Gen2    ISO 18000-6C

Chip options

    Impinj R6         NXP Ucode 7

Size options

    86*16mm       72*16mm    58*13mm     customized size


    Tag thickness 0.6mm ( 1.3mm at chip position)

Base material

    COB + Washable fabric + metal fiber line

Glue options

    Hot melt glue       No need glue (by sewing)

Hole options

    hole punching       no holes

Working endurance

    3 years or 200 times washing

Model Options of Machine Washable RFID Tags

Model Options

Packing details of Washable RFID Tags

●100 pcs per OPP bag;

● 10 pcs per white box;

● 10,000 pcs per paper carton;

● Carton size: 50*23*16 CM;

●G.W. : 20kg per carton.


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