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RFID Label Technology Can Greatly Improve the Management Level of the Washing Industry

As we all know, the application of the RFID label in the clothing industry has been very common since it can bring significant improvement in many links, which greatly improves the digital management level of the entire industry. However, in recent years, the washing industry that is very close to the clothing industry has also found that the application of RFID label technology can bring many benefits. Currently, the work of data management is more dependent on manual work in the washing industry. Therefore, there are problems in the accuracy of inventory, the monitoring of the washing times of linen, the number of heavy pollution treatments, and the loss of linen. These have brought a lot of trouble to the management of linen.

1. About RFID label

RFID label is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which uses radio frequency signals to identify target objects and obtain relevant data. The identification work does not need human intervention. As a wireless version of barcode, RFID technology has the advantages of waterproof, anti-magnetic, high-temperature resistance, long service life, large reading distance, encrypted data on the label, large storage data capacity, and easy change of stored information that normal barcodes do not have.

2. The role of RFID label in the management of the washing industry

Before washing the linen, the washing factory needs to realize the classification treatment according to color, texture, usage type, and dirt category. Manual processing usually takes 2 to 8 people with several hours to sort different linens into different chutes, which is quite time-consuming.

In addition, the RFID label is applicable in managing the loss of logistics control link, intervening the number of handovers, monitoring the heavy pollution rate, claim, foreign objective tracking and abuse tracing in the linen tracking, monitoring washing tasks, production status, linen loss and durability, the linen circulation utilization, and hotel inventory of digital management. It can be said that RFID label technology has brought new changes to the washing industry. The RFID label can help identify and record the cleaning time, cleaning requirements, customer information and cleaning frequency of items, reducing the error rate of traditional manual operation time and greatly improving management efficiency.

However, there are also some difficulties in practical applications, including textiles, label stacking and bending, moisture, temperature and many other factors that will affect the reading effect of the label. Therefore, to better solve the difficulties, RFID label manufacturers have developed multi-material labels such as flexible non-woven washing labels, button washing labels, and silicone washing labels, which are suitable for different linen materials, washing temperatures, and washing methods.

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