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RFID Labels Change Everyone's Life

Today, RFID labels can be seen everywhere in supermarkets, vegetable farms, hospitals, post offices and other places, and RFID labels are playing an increasingly important role in people's lives and urban management.

Ⅰ. RFID tag applications: in supermarket shopping

RFID labels change the supermarket shopping settlement mode. In traditional supermarkets, cashiers have to scan barcodes or manually enter the checkout. Sometimes, due to the large number of shoppers, there are often long queues at the cashier. This is a headache in the race against time in modern life. If RFID labels are applied to every item in the supermarket, the sensing device on the ceiling can record your shopping at any time.

When you have all the items you need, just stride past the cashier. "Tick" for 1 second, the reader will read a series of information such as the price, ingredients, and date of manufacture of all the products in the shopping cart, and the computer will automatically settle and automatically debit your bank card. This not only facilitates customers, but also reduces the number of supermarket checkout staff, which really turns shopping troubles into pleasant things.

In addition, the application of RFID labels to commodities in supermarkets can completely prevent the loss of commodities. The sensor device on the ceiling can record the whereabouts of each commodity. When the thief takes the commodity to the exit, the exit settlement will automatically print a bill. If you don’t pay, the guard will not let you take the commodity. This kind of supermarket is a real supermarket without salespersons, and a supermarket where customers come and go at will. This is the convenience and speed brought by RFID technology to our lives.

Ⅱ. RFID tag applications: in inventory management

Generally, the RFID label will be sealed into a card shape, attached to the packaging of each goods and on the pallet, and the specific information of the goods, storage location and other information will be written in the tag. At the same time, when the goods enter and leave the warehouse, the detailed information of the delivery party can be written, and fixed or portable card readers can be installed in the warehouse and each distribution channel to identify and detect the flow of goods.

The advantages of RFID tag applications in inventory management systems:

1. Effectively manage cargo packing operations (reduce losses).

2. Information collection automation.

3. Audit of product quality in each stage of the process.

4. The information on the RFID label can be changed but the packaging of the product does not need to be changed.

5. Effective management of loading (reduce loss).

6. Automated results in order to achieve more effective quality supervision.

7. It can track the logistics of inventory goods throughout the process, and reduce losses and mistakes to a minimum.

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