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RFID Labels Show Their Brilliance in the Management of Laundry Industry

1. The importance of RFID laundry management

At present,  there are  a large number of clothes to be washed in hotels, amusement parks, large factories and hospitals every day. If these garments and clothes are not marked, it is impossible to control the washing process of each item.

2.The characteristic of RFID laundry management

The application of RFID laundry management as well as the identification and management of individual clothes are based on the UHF RFID technology, which realize the efficient working platform of fast clothes collection, sorting, automatic inventory and clothes taking in the laundry industry, so as to greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the error rate.

The application of RFID laundry management brings technical innovation to cleaning traceability management. RFID washing labels, like identification chips sewn into clothes, which help to identify and record the cleaning time, cleaning requirements, customer information and cleaning frequency of items, reduce the error rate of traditional manual operation time and greatly improve the management efficiency.

RFID washing labels are divided into flexible non-woven washing labels, button washing labels, silicone washing labels and other multi-material labels, which are suitable for different cloth materials, washing temperatures and washing methods. Washing labels have been widely used. At the same time, RFID UHF can effectively solve the processing management, and inventory management of washing products, and help linen control to a greater extent, so as to realize the intelligent RFID laundry management.

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