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RFID Tag is the Tape of the Digital Age

Ⅰ. About RFID Tag

RFID is an ideal functional technology. It is simple, cheap and can be upgraded. At the very beginning, RFID is a special general-purpose technology. The earliest RFID tags can trace keys, cattle and sheep, nuclear waste, and so on. Subsequently, the researchers improve the technology, so the RFID tags have different specifications, data storage and power. Are RFID tags the tape of the digital age? Yes, they are. RFID tags can be seen at everywhere and can be applied creatively in many unexpected places.

Ⅱ.  Applications of RFID Tag in different fields

1. Fashion industry

Intelligent fitting room will appear soon. After scanning the clothes, the consumers have the right to check all the data of the products, find similar substitutions, and receive the feedbacks. Distributors can raise the chances of choosing the best products for consumers, and collect their suggestions and opinions. At the same time, RFID card tag can provide reliable anti-theft function.

2. Amusement park

The application of RFID system can not only trace, but also provide excellent plans for access control. The Disneyland RFID tickets are similar to credit cards, exempting tourists from queuing up for scanning and swiping cards, which reduce waiting time and staff service. Besides, for safety reason, the park management can track those tourists who seek thrills.

3. Sports

If you are annoyed that you always lose your golf, RFID tags can provide solutions. Locating objects efficiently is one of the core advantages of RFID tags.

4. Car rental

Although some technologies are competitive with each other sometimes, RFID technology supplements GPS technology perfectly in fleet management. The cheap RFID tags can be applied to regional tracking in a small range. The expensive GPS can offer plans for long-distance vehicle monitoring.

The taxi companies use RFID tags in an interesting way. Since RFID technology can indentify the returned vehicles, the taxi companies allow their customers to park and drive away from any open places. This special service wins favor from many customers.

5. Medical service

RFID tags have rich chances in medical services, such as medical management, optimizing hospital flows, monitoring precision instrument, and so on.

RFID technology can solve one simple but important issue, namely let the medical practitioners wash their hands. The principle is very easy. The medical staff wear a RFID wristband and the reader will be installed on the tap. Compared with other control methods, RFID tags are realiable, cheap and proper.

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