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RFID Tag on Car Windshield

Ⅰ. RFID tag on car windshield

The RFID tag on car windshield, as the name suggests, is to stick the RFID label on the car windshield. RFID tags on automobile windshields are widely used in vehicle electronic environmental protection information cards, high-speed non-stop electronic toll collection, self-service parking, vehicle free movement, traffic jam guidance, vehicle speeding and other violation management, simple vehicle identification, vehicle annual inspection retrospective management, auto finance mortgage asset management, second-hand car management, etc.. In addition to the RFID tag car windshield, where are RFID tags still used in cars?

Ⅱ. Where is RFID label still used in automobiles?

1. RFID label for car lights can be affixed to car headlights. The function is similar to the windshield label, but the difference is: the windshield label will affect the appearance and line of sight, and it may also be interfered by the explosion-proof film. The electronic label of the car light can well avoid the above adverse effects.

2. The pressure sensor RFID label is affixed under the seat cushion. Compared with traditional pressure detection solutions: Intelligent passive pressure tags can not only detect whether there is someone on the seat, so that the system prompts the passenger to wear a seat belt; it can also determine whether the person sitting in the seat is a child or an adult through weight detection. Information can be sent from the RFID reader to the car control unit to optimize the airbag release angle to enhance safety.

3. The temperature sensor RFID tag is affixed to the appropriate position inside the car. It can be used for wireless temperature monitoring in multiple areas. The unique RFID tag identification code supports automatic identification. The reader is connected to the gateway in the car. The automatic air conditioning system can read data in real time and perform automatic high-precision control. The owner can also manually set the air-conditioning temperature, wind speed, etc. according to the temperature displayed by the central control system.

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