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RFID Tags Make Asset Management Easy

RFID Asset Management1

In traditional asset management systems, data collection and recording have always been performed manually. This mode of operation is inefficient and has a high error rate, and the physical asset information and management system information cannot be synchronized in real time. As a bridge between the physical world and existing IT systems, RFID technology can effectively integrate daily asset management activities with asset management systems to achieve real-time synchronization of physical information and system information.

Therefore, asset-intensive enterprises such as electricity and telecommunications have adopted high frequency RFID tags for asset management.

After using RFID tag, each asset has a unique ID number. When the operator uses the RFID reader to identify the RFID tag, the operator information, asset change information, and asset inventory information will be automatically collected. Next, the information is uploaded to the server of the management center in real time through the GPRS communication module extended by the RFID reader, as a data source for updating the database.

Through RFID asset management, enterprises have realized real-time automatic tracking of materials, equipment and valuable supporting items. As a result, enterprises reduce resource waste and prevent the loss of assets.

RFID Tags Make Asset Management Easy

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