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RFID Technology Promotes the Development of Intelligent Transportation

Ⅰ. RFID tag applications are popular

As an emerging automatic identification technology, RFID tags have many advantages, such as long-distance identification, large storage space, fast reading speed and wide application range. It is very suitable for the use in intelligent transportation and parking management. At present, RFID tag applications have been gradually promoted in the field of transportation, and have achieved good social and economic benefits. Its application prospects for the industry is optimistic. 

Ⅱ. Application of RFID system in intelligent transportation

In the field of intelligent transportation, the application of RFID system is mainly divided into the following aspects:


1. Electronic Registration Management (EVR):


The anti-counterfeiting function can be realized by RFID electronic tag in car after the vehicle registration, because each label has a globally unique UD number in the ROM when making the chip, and the UD number that cannot be modified.


2. Electronic license plate system for customs terminals(EV)


The unified management and registration of vehicles, the issuance of RFID electronic tag in car, and the placement of RFID reading equipment in the key access monitoring points can make supervised vehicles with electronic license plate be identified accurately and timely by the identification system when they pass through the monitoring channel. In order to fulfill the requirements of vehicle data collection, the application of the electronic license plate system at the customs wharf can effectively improve the traffic capacity of the customs vehicles, realize real-time statistics and monitoring of vehicle information, prevent misdetection and omissions, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, and prevent theft and smuggling at the same time.


3. Urban traffic dispatching management system(TMS)


The application of RFID labels in the bus field management system can realize automatic calibration, remote collection and non-stop collection of bus entry and exit information, so that the bus dispatching system can accurately grasp the real-time dynamic entry and exit information of buses in the bus park. The implementation of the system can effectively improve the management level of the buses. Studying and analyzing the collected data with computers can help us master the law of vehicle application, eliminate the loopholes in vehicle management, realize the intelligent management of buses and improve the image of the city.


4. Electronic parking charges(ETC)


Through the special short-range communication between the roadside antenna and the on-board electronic tag, the application of RFID technology automatically completes the whole charge processing without parking and charging operation. The application of ETC can improve the efficiency and prevent traffic jams at toll stations. At the same time, through RFID technology, toll collection without human intervention can be realized, which effectively curses behaviors such as toll evasion, toll collectors' dereliction of duty, and cheating on the private side, and reduces the management cost of toll stations.


5. Intelligent vehicle weighing system based on RFID labels


The system adds the automatic identification function of remote RFID labels to the original weighing management system, and integrates the vehicle information collected automatically into the weighing management system. The application of intelligent weighing management system can improve the weighing efficiency and accuracy, reduce the waiting time of vehicles, prevent artificial favoritism and fraud, and reduce economic losses and labor intensity of staff.

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