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Selection of RFID Tags and Its Applications in Identifying Secret Documents

Along with the development of Internet of Things, the evildoers can utilize technology to post fake information so that the receivers hardly indentify whether they get the original files. In the past, secret documents, vital documents, and envelopes should be sealed by wax. The author's signature or stamp is printed on the wax. Once the sealing wax is broken, the documents will be considered unsafe and the wax cannot be used anymore. Nowadays, how the companies ensure that they receive the true accreditation certificates? 

People often ask how to choose the right types of RFID systems. Actually, in the production process, the right RFID tags can only be customized according to the customers' requirements for different materials and places, as well as considering the impact of the tags and the environmental factors.

Ⅰ. Selection of RFID tags

1. Important features of RFID tag

(1) Strength of materials, namely the important indicator for bearing capacity.

(2) Hardness and elasticity of materials are related to the flexibility after bearing the weight. Hardness represents the flexibility of materials. Elasticity shows the capability of recovering to the original shape and size.

(3) Ductility of mateirals represents material deformation or elongation degree.

(4) Toughness of materials represents the capability of absorbing energy in the process of plastic deformation and fracture.

2. Selcting materials for RFID tag

We shall consider the following conditions when choosing the tag materials.

(1) suitable for the application environment.

(2) the impact on radio-frequency signals.

(3) cost effects and return on investment.

(4) convenient purchase and production.

(5) preventing the tags from environmental damage.

(6) making the tags strong and durable.

Ⅱ. Applications of RFID tag in identifying secret documents

First, RFID card tag can be printed on papers. People can hardly find them at first sight. If someone tries to tamper with the tags, the documents will be destroyed too.

Second, the tags can be encrypted and locked so that only the receivers can read the documents.

Besides, the tags are cheap. But they can ensure that the packages, contracts, official documents and any other important files are highly secured.

At present, the counterfeiters not only forge products, bult also forge packages, trademarks, tags, certificates, shipping documents, customs documents, and so on. The users can ensure 99.9% of the documents are authentic by RFID tags. They can check all the tags of the documents under a RFID displayer. The intelligent displayer can connect and identify the document in one second. The users only need software, optical devices and computers. Some day, the users can use cellphones, laptops and mobile equipments for checking RFID tags.

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