With the ability to purchase wholesale RFID tags, businesses can reduce costs while tracking a large number of products or assets. These tags come in various form factors, making them suitable for different use cases such as laundry management, tool tracking, access control, and IT asset tracking.


Rain/UHF RFID Label →

Rain RFID labels, also known as UHF RFID labels or smart labels, are a type of passive RFID tag that is commonly used for asset tracking. Produced by a professional labels supplier like DTB.

UHF Flexible On Metal Tag →

When it comes to asset tracking on metal surfaces, businesses need to consider the limitations of traditional RFID technology. These flexible tags can be easily printed and encoded using an RFID printer.

UHF ABS On Metal Tag →

RFID equipment tags and pallet tags are commonly used for asset management in various industries. When it comes to tracking assets on metal surfaces, businesses need to consider the limitations of traditional RFID.

UHF PCB On Metal Tag →

UHF PCB on Metal tags is specialized RFID tags that are designed to be mounted directly onto metal surfaces, making them ideal for asset-tracking applications in industries such as manufacturing and construction.


UHF RFID PVC card tags and RFID plastic hang tags are popular asset-tracking solutions that offer reliable and efficient tracking for a wide range of applications, whether they are metal or non-metal surfaces.

RFID Paper Hang Tag →

Paper hang tags with RFID technology are an eco-friendly and sustainable option for the clothing industry. Recycled tags and seed tags are gaining popularity due to their environmentally conscious properties.

RFID Satin Fabric Tag →

Satin fabric tags with RFID technology are a great solution for high-end fashion and apparel brands looking to add value and efficiency to their inventory management processes. Is a popular choice for clothing labels.

RFID Waterproof Fabric Tag →

Our waterproof fabric tags are perfect for use in the laundry industry. These laundry RFID tags are designed to withstand high temperatures and are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability.


PPS (polyphenylene sulfide) tags are a type of RFID tag that are known for their durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. These tags are commonly used in laundry management.

RFID Ceramic Tag →

RFID ceramic tags are an excellent solution for asset tracking in extreme environments. These tags are designed to withstand high temperatures and chemical exposure, for use in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas.

RFID Silicone Tag →

RFID Silicone tags are a popular option for RFID tracking due to their durability and flexibility. These tags are especially useful in laundry and textile industries where they can withstand harsh conditions.

RFID Tie Tag →

Our RFID cable tags, luggage tags, and bag tags are essential tools for anyone who travels frequently. Our smart luggage tags utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to provide real-time tracking for your baggage.

UHF Livestock Ear Tag →

Animal ear tags are essential for livestock management and tracking. UHF Livestock Ear Tags are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to provide ultra-high frequency read range.


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