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The Advantages of RFID Labels in the Apparel Industry

Labels are widely used in garment processing and manufacturing, and basically every piece of clothing has a label. With the rapid development of technology, many clothing manufacturers have just begun to apply RFID clothing tags. So what are the unique advantages of RFID tags in the apparel industry?

1. RFID apparel tags assist in statistical analysis of market sales

RFID clothing tags are critical to the statistical analysis of daily sales reports and the company's market sales units. RFID apparel tags can obtain the most accurate results in the shortest time, and can assist market sales units in truck distribution and stocking immediately.

2. RFID apparel tags assist in the transfer between bank counters

Market sales between different addresses are also different. RFID clothing tags can speed up the circulation of types of goods and maximize the total number of market sales according to the allocation of goods between different bank counters.

3. RFID apparel tags help return goods manipulation:

In the sales market competition, all manufacturers will improve their service levels and allow customers to return goods. According to the analysis of return data, RFID clothing tags can accurately find product quality problems, accountable units, voluntary enterprises and responsible persons.

4. RFID apparel tags assist the bank counter to collect and find the source of goods

Bank counter summarization and source finding is a very complicated and error-prone task for each specialty counter. The handheld RFID tag reader can easily complete the bank counter collection and find the source of goods, and improve the work efficiency.

5. RFID apparel tags assist in the dynamic statistical analysis of hot-selling products and favorability products

RFID tags can carry out real-time tracking based on the level of concern and favorability of all consumers for a product, as well as market sales. Using RFID tags can create mathematical analysis models to analyze customer preferences and grasp the sales market as soon as possible.

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