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The Application of RFID Anti-counterfeiting in the Field of Commodity Circulation

The basic working principle of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology is not complicated: after the tag enters the magnetic field, it receives the radio frequency signal sent by the interpreter, and sends out the product information (Passive Tag, passive tag or passive tag) stored in the chip by the energy obtained by the induced current, or the tag actively sends a signal of a certain frequency (Active Tag, active tag or active tag), and the interpreter reads the information and decodes it, send it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

RFID anti-counterfeiting mainly has the following applications in the field of commodity circulation.

1. RFID anti-counterfeiting is used in retail industry

that is, the commodity network scanning electronic label anti-counterfeiting identification and its production method, its characteristics are: according to the coding and encryption rules to issue authorization and processing of electronic labels. The legality of electronic tags is verified by networked terminal scanning.

Its characteristics are: universal and simple, easy to identify, impossible to imitate, and extremely safe, reliable and accurate.

2. RFID anti-counterfeiting

in transportation and tourist attractions, fake bill incidents occur frequently. In these fields, the application of RFID anti-counterfeiting technology is more urgent and convenient. For example, in places with a lot of people such as railway stations, subways, and tourist attractions, the use of RFID electronic tickets instead of traditional manual tickets not only improves efficiency, but also plays an anti-counterfeiting role.

Another example is that in occasions with relatively large ticketing volume such as competitions and performances, RFID technology is used to carry out anti-counterfeiting of tickets, which not only eliminates the need for manual identification and realizes the rapid passage of personnel, but also can identify the number of times tickets are used, so as to prevent tickets from being stolen and handed out for re-use and achieve "anti-counterfeiting of times".

3. RFID anti-counterfeiting is used for certificates

internationally, high-frequency rfid tags can be embedded in standard passport covers or certificates in passport anti-counterfeiting and electronic wallets. Its chips also provide security functions and support hardware encryption.

4. RFID Anti-counterfeiting for luxury goods

RFID anti-counterfeiting tags have been widely used in many aspects, such as medical treatment, libraries, shopping malls, etc., but they are still relatively unfamiliar to luxury goods, because even if a small number of anti-counterfeiting electronic tags are made in some jewelry products, they only obviously improve the work efficiency of jewelry enterprises, such as inventory, warehouse counting, warehouse entry and exit, and reduce the theft rate, it is not particularly important for consumers who buy jewelry. What is needed now is to add the tracking and positioning function after the jewelry is purchased, so that customers can wear the jewelry with confidence in the future, and even if they accidentally lose it, they can locate the jewelry information in the first place.

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