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The Application of UHF RFID Technology in the Management of Electric Tools in the Warehouse

The normal operation of electric power is very important, and in order to ensure the normal work of the staff and the safe and normal operation of the power grid, the power supply department has strict regulations on the procurement, use, inspection and maintenance of electric equipment and tools. In order to further regulate the daily inspection, testing, scrapping and management of network manufacturers and purchases of power safety tools and appliances, the whole process monitors daily inspections, regular tests and other links to ensure the safety of power safety tools and appliances. The UHF RFID applications in the management of tools and instruments has realized the automation and paperlessness of data collection, while also continuously improving the completeness and effectiveness of power equipment and tool management.

1. What is a UHF RFID tag?

UHF RFID label has the advantages of non-contact, long identification distance, fast speed, strong anti-interference ability, and simultaneous identification of multiple tags. UHF RFID label has broad application prospects in logistics, storage, manufacturing, transportation, power and other fields. The RFID electronic tags can read and write and have a large storage capacity. UHF RFID technology is mostly used in the management of power tools and appliances, and RFID passive electronic tags are bound to the tools. It can be deployed and installed the rooms according to the characteristics of passive RFID technology. Use RFID identification equipment in the tool cabinet or install RFID identification equipment at the door to carry out warehouse inventory.

2. Application process of UHF RFID technology in the management of power warehouse tools

Tool purchase and storage: 

First, before the tool is stored, paste or hang the corresponding uhf rfid tag or UHF RFID card on the tool, and type-in the tool's product name, model, specification, origin, brand name, packaging and other basic information. And divide the tool categories, then place the tools in the corresponding position of the warehouse. After the entry and classification are completed, making a record of the location.

Tool lending: 

Read the RFID information of the tools that need to be borrowed through the RFID handheld terminal, save the lending time, borrowing department and personnel, borrowing purpose and other related information in the data collector, and upload it through batch processing or wirelessly to the system.

Tool return:

Use the RFID handheld reader to read the information in the tool tag and check it with the information retained when lent. After confirming that it is correct, place the tool in the corresponding position in the warehouse. That all the return procedure.

Verification of measurement tools: 

According to relevant national regulations, the measurement tools shall be regularly verified by the designated professional testing department. After verification, the verification information is written into the system.

Tool scrap: 

When the tool reaches the designated service life or is damaged and cannot be used, it must be scrapped. After reading the RFID electronic label information of the device through the RFID handheld terminal, the device is scrapped after entering the scrap reason, the handler, and the approver in the system. The scrapped equipment information will be kept in the scrapped tool file for inquiry.

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