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The Emergence of Smart Hospital RFID Medical Bracelet

When we mention RFID, many people don’t know what RFID is and believe that this technology is still far away from our lives. In fact, RFID technology has been integrated into all aspects of our lives, such as bus card, ID card, food scanning code, RFID medical bracelet or wristband, etc. RFID technology is a radio frequency identification wireless communication technology based on the Internet of Things, which identifies and associates specific targets through wireless signals without requiring mechanical or optical contact between the identification system and specific targets to read and write data.

1. The emergence of RFID medical bracelets

With the continuous progress of medical reform in recent years, people's health awareness has been continuously improved, and the requirements for medical efficiency and medical service quality have also been continuously improved. More and more hospitals gradually adopt more accurate, humane, and more efficient medical management techniques and measures to improve medical services and the relationship between doctors and patients. Improving the operational efficiency of hospitals through the innovation and application of medical technology is the future direction. The development of smart hospitals is reflected in all aspects. The use of RFID technology to achieve the advancement of medical technology includes RFID medical bracelet or wristband for patient identification. Compared with the medical bracelet or wristband used in the past, RFID medical bracelet or wristband is more convenient for hospital management and records!

2. The introduction to RFID medical bracelets

The patient's RFID medical bracelet or wristband records detailed patient information, and all the information of the RFID medical bracelets can be stored in the corresponding computer database. By using RFID medical bracelets and readers connected to specific doorways and corridors, you can identify and track the patient's location to make sure that the patient does not leave the safe area when moving.

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