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The Most Common Applications of RFID Silicone Bracelet

1. The emergence of RFID bracelets

The emergence of RFID bracelets solves the problem of bringing changes and cards when we go out every day. Also, RFID bracelets are conducive to management. There are roughly three categories of products derived from RFID technology: passive RFID products, active RFID products, and semi-active RFID products. Passive RFID products are the first to develop, and are also the most mature and widely used products on the market.

2. The most common application of RFID silicone bracelets

When it comes to silicone, many people are full of praise, because it is a non-toxic and harmless health material, and products made of silicone as a raw material have a very wide range of use. The RFID silicone bracelet is a closed-loop bracelet with waterproof and shockproof functions. It adopts the world's most advanced silicone one-time injection molding technology and is embedded with an RFID chip. This makes the RFID silicone bracelet and its matching access control system protect customers' property.

The most common application of RFID silicone bracelets should be in water amusement parks and bathing centers. Nowadays, many water amusement parks or bathing centers have launched RFID silicone bracelets that use the "Internet of Things" radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The RFID silicone bracelet has a certain waterproof function and is easy to carry around. Visitors can interact with various facilities in the water amusement park or bathing center by scanning the RFID silicone bracelet. RFID silicone bracelets can also replace paper tickets, serve as hotel room keys, pay for accounts, quickly queue up for reservations, and record the interaction between tourists and cartoon characters, their location, and other information. Of course, the application of RFID bracelets is far more than just in water amusement parks and bathing centers. RFID bracelets can also be seen in hospitals, warehouse management, airport parcels, etc.

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