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The Technical Characteristics of RFID Tag and Its Application in Logistics Network

The RFID label can achieve wireless identification of almost all objects by using radio frequency signals for data transmission. This technology is also the foundation for the development and growth of the Internet of Things. RFID technology allows you to identify and track each individual object or multiple objects at the same time, even if there is no direct connection in sight. Most RFID systems are made up of the same components, which can be basically divided into readers, antennas, electronic labels, and connection lines. Sometimes there are additional items and accessories.

Ⅰ. Technical characteristics of RFID label

1. The identification and reading of the RFID label do not require a direct connection.

2. The RFID label can be read and written repeatedly and reused.

3. The RFID label is very durable and adapts to various harsh environments.

4. The RFID reader can read hundreds of electronic labels in one second.

5. The data of the RFID label is encrypted and can be locked, and the security performance is very high.

6. The RFID label can store more data than barcode labels or barcodes.

7. The RFID label can be printed with information, such as instructions, barcodes or company names and other personalized information.

8. The RFID system can be embedded as a subsystem into a company's original system or other internal systems.

Ⅱ. Applications of RFID label in logistics network

The Internet of Things is built by using ubiquitous network technology with the purpose of making anything connected to the network for easy identification and management, and one of the most important technologies is RFID label technology. RFID is only a carrier of Internet of Things applications, and it is also the most widely used. RFID has the ability of automatic identification and can be applied to any object. Therefore, it is mostly used in Internet of Things applications.

It is based on a simple RFID system and combined with the existing network technology, database technology, middleware technology, etc., to build a large number of networked readers and countless uhf label. The Internet of Things is larger than the Internet and it has become the development trend of washable rfid tags technology. Its core technologies mainly include RFID technology, sensor technology, wireless network technology, artificial intelligence technology, cloud computing technology, etc.

Currently, the RFID label technology in the Internet of Things has been widely used in many fields. It is used in goods tracking, automatic information collection, warehousing applications, port applications, postal services, and express delivery in the logistics process, the real-time economy, replenishment, and anti-theft in retail goods. Also, it is used in automated production, warehouse management, brand management, single product management and channel management in the clothing industry, the real-time monitoring of production data, quality tracking and automatic production in manufacturing. Besides, it is used in other areas such as medical device management, patient identification and baby anti-theft.

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