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UHF RFID Tags for Maraton Race

RFID Event Management

In a marathon, runners range from hundreds to tens of thousands. Then in an event, the following problems are often faced:

If multiple runners pass through the timing points at the same time, how to record everyone's time?

When the runner reaches the finish line, how is the score recorded?

How to ensure that runners are not missed when they pass the timing? How to prevent cheating?

The introduction of RFID tags can effectively solve the above problems.

At present, the UHF RFID tags commonly used by the organizers mainly include:

1. RFID Badges

2. RFID wristbands

3. RFID tag on the shoes

Install an RFID label reader at the starting line, finish point and other timing points. When the runner passes the timing point, the RFID reader will read the ID of the RFID tag on the runner's shoelace/chest badge/wrist and record the time. At the same time, the software system will process and display information. In this way, the organizer can accurately and reliably record the performance of each runner, and also ensure the fairness of the competition and accurate athlete results.

RFID Event Management

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