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Uniqueness and Packaging Form of RFID Labels

1. Understand the uniqueness of RFID labels

The built-in RFID label is a chip, and the built-in chips have their own ID. And each RFID label has a separate UID label, usually a product is bound to a certain RFID label (with a unique ID), and they belong to a binding relationship, just like giving A person is assigned a unique ID number, and with the UID, fraud can be avoided.

2. Why are RFID labels can be used as global unique codes?

First of all, the coding of RFID labels follows certain rules; RFID labels follow the coding rules of EPC. The full name of EPC is Electronic Product Code, which is called electronic product code in Chinese. The carrier of EPC is the RFID label, and the transmission of information is realized by means of the Internet. EPC aims to establish a global and open identification standard for each single product, so as to realize the tracking and traceability of single product on a global scale, thereby effectively improving the level of supply chain management and reducing logistics costs. EPC is a complete, complex and integrated system.

Electronic product code (EPC code) is a new generation of product coding system launched by the International Barcode Organization. The original product barcode is only the coding of product classification, and the EPC code is a coding system that assigns a global unique code to each single product, and the EPC code is a 96-bit (binary) coding system. The 96-bit EPC code can assign codes to 268 million companies, each company can have 16 million product categories, and each category of products has 68 billion independent product codes, which can be figuratively assigned to every grain of rice on the earth's encoding.

In general, traditional barcodes are not unique, so they are easy to be copied, and cannot play a real anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting role. The RFID label is unique (unique id), cannot be copied, and cannot be faked.

3. The packaging form of RFID labels

RFID technology and products have penetrated into our daily life, from ID cards, bank cards, bus cards, campus pass cards, access control cards to clothing labels with RFID functions, labels for retail stores, etc., we have come into contact with a wide variety of RFID labels , in different shapes. In order to help you better understand RFID labels, the packaging forms of RFID labels are often used in different packaging forms according to the different characteristics of the application and the use environment. The packaging forms of RFID labels are already colorful. Not only are they not limited by standard shapes and sizes, but their compositions are also very different, and even special designs are required according to various requirements.

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